Presentacion encimera Inteligente Francisco Hita Cooking Rak


On June 7, the Intelligent Countertop was presented, an innovative hidden induction system, a revolutionary idea developed by CooKingRAK’s R&D team.


Through a process of integration between material and technology, it becomes the first worktop in the world that is integrated into the Internet of things, the digital interconnection of objects.


The event took place in Valencia and was attended by representatives of some of the most important companies in the sector. During the event, the attendees were able to check the operation of the revolutionary intelligent countertop and enjoy a culinary demonstration by the hand of chef Francisco Hita.

The future of the induction is presented through an avant-garde design and attention to detail that will render the traditional zoned operation obsolete, turning the entire kitchen bench into a complete cooking space, from its preparation, cooking and plating up. In addition, CookingRak induction hobs include a liquid crystal display radio frequency control, which controls the operation of each cooking zone.


Created for integration in the high-quality hospitality and home, is a commitment to innovation that takes care of all aspects, with an ecological and recyclable material of high resistance to external factors such as acids, fire or scratches.


An invisible system that brings us closer to the future of the kitchen combining aesthetics, functionality, space and cleanliness.