Pioneros Innovacion Rak Ceramics


Innovation as the main value for RAK Ceramics. The most cutting-edge technology has always been at the forefront of the facilities, making it one of the pioneering sector companies.
The integration of technological innovations in all areas of the company has meant a great advance at an internal and sectorial level. This has allowed them to achieve improvements in the manufacturing processes, the final finish and in the perception of product quality, allowing even adding the value of personalization in all their final products or in the projects they carry out. Innovation has made it internationally recognized on several times. In 2015, it was International Business Stevie®, which awarded prizes in the following categories, “Most Innovative Company” with the second position, and for the “Program of Health, Safety and Environment of the Year” with third place. That same year was also awarded as the “Brand of the year”.
From the beginning, RAK Ceramics has been motivated to lead the technological development in its sector and therefore, aspired to have the best machinery, the latest technology and as a result, produce the best possible products for sale. Today, this vision is what has allowed them to be in continuous growth, becoming able to offer the customer a high value and endless possibilities when it comes to personalization and design. Becoming a company, what more beyond its production, it is recognized for its high value in innovation, for its designs and for the use of technology, becoming a world reference, which creates and inspires other brands in the sector.