One of the strongest value proposal within RAK Ceramics is the commitment to sustainability. Knowing the great impact that ecological measures can have within the sector, the organization has marked as one of its missions to maintain a sustainable practice in all areas of the company, from design to efficient work operations.

Currently, actions are being implemented within the sector, such as the development of organic products, within sanitary articles. Water consumption has been reduced by 33% through the unloading systems. Likewise, it also follows the recycling of natural raw materials that help them conserve natural resources and a cleaner development, that is, the reduction of carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

As a founding member of the ecological buildings council of the United Arab Emirates, he has been recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Waters of the country, MOEW, with the certificate of environmental performance, for his contribution and for his compliance with the rules and regulations of environmental Protection.

RAK Ceramics has become the first ceramics manufacturing company in its region to have developed such a strong global report, sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiative.

Actions such as those carried out in humanitarian projects, with local organizations to which it donates materials to support the most disadvantaged areas, or regular donations to relief funds in case of environmental disasters, mean that, together with support for initiatives of health awareness, be present in all social areas.

As a company committed to development, design and technology, it promotes creativity and innovation as a way to develop talent, partnering with schools and local community groups to encourage the projection of people and offering internship programs for students from local universities or international.